NFC Products

Marketing Collateral

Bring your offline customers directly into any online content you want. The new NFC technology allows you to add digital information into any printed material. Common functions that your customers can perform include tap to call, tap to send a text message/e-mail, tap to see an online video, tap to go to a website, or tap to download a mobile application and many more. This method doesn’t only make sharing data easier, but it also enables you to track the number of people and how they engage with your marketing campaigns.

NFC Business Cards

Personalized business cards that are equipped with the new wireless data transfer technology, NFC. The NFC inlays are paper-thin which makes it unnoticeable when embedded inside a print material. When your business card is tapped with an NFC compatible phone, your content will automatically load and display in the mobile device.

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NFC Brochure

This single-sheet NFC brochure is built-in with rewritable and programmable paper-thin NFC tags. It can be printed on both sides and folded into thirds in order to create a six panel leaflet. You can turn this marketing product into a talking NFC brochure with our audio message add-on feature.

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NFC Card

A greeting card that is embedded with an NFC tag, with an additional option to add a sound, music, or a personally recorded message. The size of the NFC card and the add-on sound can be customized according to your need, as well as the NFC tags which are available in different memory capacities.

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NFC Stickers
& Labels

Full color, custom printed stickers and labels with built-in rewritable NFC tags. These compact-sized NFC stickers can be attached in product packages and manuals, brochures, flyers and magazines, political campaign materials and more.

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NFC Inlays

Rewritable and programmable NFC tags that are available in different memory capacities, with an option for a self-adhesive backing for a hassle-free application. Simply peel and stick the NFC tags into any printed material and product packaging boxes.

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NFC Magnets

Custom printed magnetic cards that are embedded with NFC chips. Standard size is that of a business card but can be further customized according to your business needs.

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