Customized POS Video Display

Point of sale or point of purchase display has advanced over the years. With that being said, we created a product that keeps up with today’s tech-dominated world. The videoSTAND comes with a built-in LCD screen that plays video presentations while being placed either on a tabletop or on a magnetic-friendly surface. It does not need any internet connection in order for the video to play and can be recharged whenever necessary. This LCD video player increases brand awareness and enables your company to relay more product information to consumers. A convenient and economical way of promoting your brand while also enhancing the shoppers’ retail experience!

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Integrated Pop-out Stand

The video stands are custom-made with a built-in pop-out stand that quickly turns the product into a table-top video player. The integrated stand can easily be pulled out when used as point of sale or point of purchase display in retail counters. We do this because we want to create a marketing product that is both versatile and engaging. When not in use, you can close the pop-out stand and utilize the magnet attached at the back.



videoSTAND features

7.0″ lite
7.0″ standard
7.0″ LCD
7.0″ LCD
8.00 x 8.00 x 0.35 inches
8.00 x 8.00 x 0.35 inches
8.0 oz
8.8 oz
850mah li-ion (2-4 hours of playback life)
1200mah li-ion (2-4 hours of playback life)
2 (on/off, skip)
5 (individual videos)
Yes (magnet switch)
Volume Control
1200dpi digital, press quality
1200dpi digital, press quality
Video Capacity
20 mins, unlimited # of videos
120 mins, up to 5 videos
3D Printed Buttons
Spot UV
Optional (3d raised)
Optional (3d raised)
Optional (2d flat or 3d raised)
Optional (2d flat or 3d raised)

Magnetic Backing

We’ve designed the video stands with a magnetic backing for our clients to conveniently attach it to any magnet-friendly surfaces. We added this feature so you can easily store the videoSTAND when not in use or utilize it as marketing displays in booths, kiosks, and retail counters in stores. A compact and multifunctional marketing product that can also be used in display shelves and office bulletin boards.


Sound Options

We are giving our clients the ability to further customize their video stands. With that, our customers have the option to include a music, sound, or a personally recorded message to go along with their video presentation. But if you prefer it with no audio at all, we are able to do that as well. Regardless of which option you choose, we ensure that the video quality is clear and the video playback is smooth.

Customize your card even more

1:1 Personalized marketing

To further personalize your marketing materials we provide variable-data printing (VDP). Each printed item can be personalized with a different name.


On time all the time

Since our main facility is in North America, we are able to maintain a fast turnaround time. Rush services are also available for those projects where time is of the essence.

Raised UV Gloss

With the latest JETVarnish 3D technology, we are able to produce unique and eye-catching finished products.

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Get More Upgrades

Give a more personal touch to your printed marketing pieces through our wide range of product, print, and paper upgrades.

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For business of all proportions

Our videoSTAND can be used by any type of business regardless of size. We’ve worked with different businesses, from big brand names to local shops and they’ve found success with using our products. They provide a unique value to your business and leave a good impression towards clients. We will work with your budget and find a solution that works.


DHL gave a truly unique digital experience to all the participants of the 19th Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Conference. The company used bigDAWGS’ videoCARDS as custom invitations to the annual networking event. Not only did it capture their attendees’ attention, it also allowed DHL to relay more information.

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