Slider module

Greeting Card Sound Module

A sound device that automatically plays your audio message when placed inside a greeting card. With its compact size at 5.06 x 2.50 x 0.26 inches, the sound module perfectly fits in common greeting card sizes. The module comes with a self-adhesive backing for a hassle-free application. Now you can add your brand’s commercial jingle or any catchy song to corporate or special event invitations and direct mail materials. To connect with your audience in a more personal manner, the greeting card sound module also allows you to add a personally recorded message.

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Automatic Audio Playback​

The slider type sound module is designed to be placed inside a greeting card. It is engineered to automatically play your message once the card is opened. This is because of the built-in slider switch that detects the card’s opening and closing movements. We added this feature so you don’t have to worry about your audio message constantly playing while in transit to the recipient.

Slider module

Multiple Sound Durations

We strive to make sure that our sound modules are able to accommodate any audio message that your business needs. The standard sound duration can range from 40 seconds up to 2 minutes, but can be customized according to your desired length. Regardless of how long or short your sound file is, we ensure that the sound quality is very clear and good.

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Long Battery Life​

Our sound devices are manufactured with hardwearing internal batteries that can last for 2 years or play your message up to 200 times. This is to ensure that our sound modules are a good fit for any type of sound application and can be stored and used for a long period of time.


This device is 100% Green Powered.
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High Quality Speakers

We found the right technology that can withstand the machinable handling of our mailing system today. The sound module for greeting cards is custom-built with high quality 40mm metal speakers that are designed and developed to be crushproof. Now you can reach your customers from all over the world through a personalized talking greeting card.

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