LCD Countertop Display

Motion Activated In Store Video Display

The beauty of retail displays is that it can come in various sizes, forms, and style. We want to create a product that does not only focus on visuals, but also engages with your customer’s other senses. The countertop video display will deliver your message instantaneously through video presentations that do not need the internet in order to play. Video contents can easily be changed when a new product launches or a promotional video has been made. Not only that, it comes with a built-in motion sensor for that additional wow factor. So by the next time a customer approaches your retail display, a video presentation will automatically play. An ultramodern marketing product that provides shoppers with an unforgettable in-store experience!

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Elevate your brand

Give your customers the gift of convenience. Because time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced world, brands who make it easy for customers will have an edge in the market. This versatile and engaging LCD countertop display will not only capture people’s attention, it will also allow your brand to relay more information. Video contents create a sense of individual approach that presents your products in a more relatable form. It establishes a connection that only exists between you and the consumer. A point of purchase or point of sale display that actually does the work. An effective video marketing technique that increases conversion rate!

7” LCD Countertop Display features

7.0″ lite
7.0″ standard
7.0″ LCD
7.0″ LCD
8.00 x 8.00 x 0.35 inches
8.00 x 8.00 x 0.35 inches
8.0 oz
8.8 oz
850mah li-ion (2-4 hours of playback life)
1200mah li-ion (2-4 hours of playback life)
2 (on/off, skip)
5 (individual videos)
Yes (magnet switch)
Volume Control
1200dpi digital, press quality
1200dpi digital, press quality
Video Capacity
20 mins, unlimited # of videos
120 mins, up to 5 videos
3D Printed Buttons
Spot UV
Optional (3d raised)
Optional (3d raised)
Optional (2d flat or 3d raised)
Optional (2d flat or 3d raised)

Additional Power Options

We understand that batteries are the heart and soul of many electronic devices in today’s digital age. That is why we built our products with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is similar to the mobile phones we carry. On top of that, we have portable D-Cell and AA battery packs available so you will have the freedom of using the video tags without having to worry about its battery at all.

D-Cell Battery Pack
Life: Up to 6322 minutes, up to 2 years
AA Battery Pack
Life: Up to 1380 minutes, up to 2 years
AC USB Wall Adapter
Life: Indefinite

Motion Sensor Activated

We’ve designed our countertop video display with a built-in motion sensor for your video to automatically play when a customer approaches your retail display. This is to instantly grab people’s attention and create a lasting impression. Motion activated retail displays also guarantee maximum battery life since it is preprogrammed to only play when general movement has been detected by the sensor.

LCD Countertop Display

Fully Reusable

We strive to make sure that our product can be used in any kind of marketing display by all types of businesses in various industries. Your all-in-one marketing product for sales and promotions, product launches and presentations, brand campaigns, POS and POP display, or simply to tell your company’s story. With its user-changeable feature, you can easily modify the video and graphics of the countertop display to suit your business’ needs. We added this feature because we want to present a solution perfect for any type of marketing application.

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Customize your card even more

1:1 Personalized marketing

To further personalize your marketing materials we provide variable-data printing (VDP). Each printed item can be personalized with a different name.

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On time all the time

Since our main facility is in North America, we are able to maintain a fast turnaround time. Rush services are also available for those projects where time is of the essence.

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Digitally embossed print

With the latest JETVarnish 3D technology, we are able to produce unique and eye-catching finished products.

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Get More Upgrades

Give a more personal touch to your printed marketing pieces through our wide range of product, print, and paper upgrades.

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For business of all proportions

Our LCD countertop display can be used by any type of business regardless of size. We’ve worked with different businesses, from big brand names to local shops and they’ve found success with using our products. They provide a unique value to your business and leave a good impression towards clients. We will work with your budget and find a solution that works.


DHL gave a truly unique digital experience to all the participants of the 19th Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Conference. The company used bigDAWGS’ videoCARDS as custom invitations to the annual networking event. Not only did it capture their attendees’ attention, it also allowed DHL to relay more information.

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