Video Business Cards

A visually striking LCD video display that is built with an interactive feature to give your customers a more personalized experience in retail stores. The video tags are commonly used as point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) displays but can also be attached to any printed marketing pieces, custom-made boxes or packages, media kits and more. It is made with an easy peel and stick self-adhesive tape at the back so you can easily add a video to any product. A flexible marketing strategy that delivers your message instantaneously without the use of internet or wifi connectivity!

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Transform the retail experience

Consumers often rely on emotions rather than factual data to make their purchase decision. The video tags are a new way of reaching out to your customers by not only letting them know what the product is, but by actually giving them the story behind everything else. With video contents, you will be able to establish a personal connection that only exists between you and your consumers. It creates a sense of individual approach that presents your products in a conversational form.


videoTAG features

4.3″ lite
7.0″ lite
4.3″ LCD
7.0″ LCD
6.00 x 6.00 x 0.30 inches
8.00 x 8.00 x 0.35 inches
4.9 oz
8.0 oz
470mah li-ion (1-2 hours of playback life)
850mah li-ion (2-4 hours of playback life)
2 (on/off, skip)
2 (on/off, skip)
Volume Control
1200dpi digital, press quality
1200dpi digital, press quality
Video Capacity
20 mins, unlimited # of videos
20 mins, unlimited # of videos
3D Printed Buttons
Spot UV
Optional (3d raised)
Optional (3d raised)
Optional (2d flat or 3d raised)
Optional (2d flat or 3d raised)

Push Button Activated

We’ve designed the video tags with a press-to-play activation to maximize its battery life and to ensure that it doesn’t need to be frequently charged. It also comes with a skip or next button for the users to easily switch between video presentations. We leveraged the number of buttons to be able to accommodate multiple video contents from clients.

Slide videoTAG

Multiple Sizes Available

We are giving our clients the ability to further customize their video business cards. With that, we offer a wide range of personalization options that does not only include multiple video tag sizes but also different LCD screen dimensions. The size of the video tag itself will depend on the screen, but can be fitted for your business’ needs. Regardless of which size you choose, we ensure that the video quality is clear and the video playback is smooth. 

Light Sensor

The light sensor addition is perfect for gift boxes, product packages, and promotional marketing kits. It is custom-made and designed for your video to automatically play once the box is opened. We added this feature for an additional wow factor. Not for the video mailer card, but for what is being showcased inside.

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The video tags are custom-made with a simple peel-and-stick self adhesive tape securely attached at the back for a hassle-free experience. We do this because we want to present a solution perfect for any type of marketing application. Now you can add a video to any marketing materials, packages, retail display shelves, media kits, and boxes in just a matter of seconds. 


Additional Power Options

We understand that batteries are the heart and soul of many electronic devices in today’s digital age. That is why we built our products with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is similar to the mobile phones we carry. On top of that, we have portable D-Cell and AA battery packs available so you will have the freedom of using the video tags without having to worry about its battery at all.

D-Cell Battery Pack
Life: Up to 6322 minutes, up to 2 years
AA Battery Pack
Life: Up to 1380 minutes, up to 2 years
AC USB Wall Adapter
Life: Indefinite

Customize your card even more

1:1 Personalized marketing

To further personalize your marketing materials we provide variable-data printing (VDP). Each printed item can be personalized with a different name.


Raised UV Gloss

With the latest JETVarnish 3D technology, we are able to produce unique and eye-catching finished products.

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On time all the time

Since our main facility is in North America, we are able to maintain a fast turnaround time. Rush services are also available for those projects where time is of the essence.

Get More Upgrades

Give a more personal touch to your printed marketing pieces through our wide range of product, print, and paper upgrades.

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For business of all proportions

Our videoTAGS can be used by any type of business regardless of size. We’ve worked with different businesses, from big brand names to local shops and they’ve found success with using our products. They provide a unique value to your business and leaves a good impression towards clients. We will work with your budget and find a solution that works.


Lotame introduces their Cross-Device technology to all prospects and key customers using bigDAWGS’ videoTAG light. It is a light activated video marketing product that is perfect for PR boxes, product packages, and promotional kits. When placed in a box, the video content will automatically play without pressing a button.

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Canada Litter Inc., together with their registered brand Noba Animal Co., launched the Cateco Odour-Proof Litter Box using bigDAWGS’ videoTAG. With its built-in LCD video screen, they were able to showcase how the litter box works and bring their customers’ attention to its unique features. The videoTAG comes with a self adhesive tape at the back so you can easily attach it to a retail display shelf or add a video to any marketing product.

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