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Imedex Personalized Magnetic Card with webUSB

Imedex is the premier provider of independent and accurate continuing medical education to health care professionals across the globe. They develop high quality scientific programs and clinical studies that focus on improving patient care. Imedex is using bigDAWGS’ Printed Cards with webUSB to showcase their studies for Crohn’s disease treatment. Just simply plug the flash drive into your computer to discover the strategies for a therapeutic success. To see more of bigDAWGS’ printed products with USB Webkeys, visit now!

New to bigDAWGS?

Our customers come to us for printed marketing material like our videoCARDS (video LCD brochures), soundCARDS (sound module greeting cards) and patented webBC slideouts (USB business cards).

Contact us for more information regarding how you can improve your marketing power with bigDAWGS.

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