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Milwaukee Bucks Back-To-Season Bash | Musical Greeting Cards

About The Client

The Milwaukee Bucks is an American professional basketball team founded in 1968. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the team competes in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Bucks have won fourteen division titles, two conference titles, and one NBA title.

Our Project

The Milwaukee Bucks will be hosting their first Back-To-Season Bash to kick off the 2018-19 NBA season. Being one of the most highly anticipated events in the sports industry, the team wants a sleek and modern invitation card that will allow them to send more information regarding the event and the activities that will take place while keeping the recipients entertained. The custom invitation card should best represent the basketball team and highlight the activities in their first ever Milwaukee Bucks Back-To-Season event.

The Solution

The soundCARD is the perfect invitation card for the first Milwaukee Bucks Back-To-Season Bash. With its pop-out front card design, not only will the sound card capture the recipient’s attention, it will also allow the basketball team to relay more information. The soundCARD is custom-built with an automatic slider switch that detects when the card is being opened. With this, your custom sound instantly plays the moment your target audience opens the card. Who doesn’t love a good sound effect and pleasant music to the ears? In addition, it also adds that additional surprise factor.

The customized invitation card is made with high quality sound modules that can withstand the machinable handling of our mailing system today. The metal speakers are designed and developed to be crush-proof so you can reach your clients and potential customers all over the world. With its hard-wearing internal batteries, Milwaukee Bucks fans can keep the card for 2 years and play the message up to 200 times. The soundCARD is your all-in-one marketing product that does not only focus on visuals, but also engages with people’s other senses. A musical greeting card that can be fully customized whether in print, sound, or a personally recorded message. The Bucks fans will surely keep their mailboxes open for this new Milwaukee Bucks Back-To-Season annual event.

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