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PRIMO Water Corporation | Promotional Video Mailer Card

About The Client

Primo Water is the leading single source provider of purified bottled water, self-service refill water and water dispensers in North America. They are experts in the water purification process and thus, producing a safer drinking water for everyone. Primo’s products make a positive impact on people and the environment as a whole.

Our Project

Primo has been manufacturing and selling innovative and multifunctional water dispensers since 2004. As they introduce a new water dispenser with a pet station, the company wants a marketing product that effectively showcases how the dispenser works and highlights its unique features. It has to be a sleek and modern product that best represents the brand, is easy to use, informative, and leaves a lasting impression to consumers.

The Solution

Our group of marketing specialists recommended the videoCARDS as the most suitable tool for their product launch. It is perfect since the card has a built-in LCD video screen inside which does not only capture their customer’s attention, but also enables Primo to showcase more information. The videoCARD can accommodate a quick 20-minute video up to a 2-hour long presentation. It is rechargeable so your clients can play all your videos all night long.

Direct mail marketing finally met the right technology in the digital world today. The video mailer card converges with the increasing demand of video content on various online platforms nowadays. The difference is that it is a tangible marketing product that can be delivered directly in the palm of your hands---making it more personal and special. It is also perfect for on the go clients since it doesn’t need any internet or wifi connectivity for the videos to play. The videoCARD is your all-in-one product for brand campaigns, promotions, presentations, and event invitations. A new way of reaching out to your audience and giving them a new digital experience.

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Our customers come to us for printed marketing material like our videoCARDS (video LCD brochures), soundCARDS (sound module greeting cards) and patented webBC slideouts (USB business cards).

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