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Zebra Technologies Corporation | Personalized Video Business Card

About The Client

Zebra has been in the computer hardware industry since 1969. The company manufactures and sells mobile computers and tablets, barcode scanners and imagers, printers, and various computer printing technologies. Zebra engineered all their products to be efficient, accurate, and durable for day-to-day tasks.

Our Project

Zebra launched their Executive Briefing Program to give their potential clients a first-hand look at all their leading edge technological products. In relation to this, they want an ultramodern and interactive product that best captures the attention of their clients and will essentially define their brand.

The ideal product would be something that is able to showcase all their products and provide a quick tour of what is inside. This is to gain interest from their target audience, as this will also be one of their first forms of contact. Zebra wants it customized for each individual client for a more personal touch.

The Solution

The videoCARD is the best suited product for Zebra’s intended use. It is being highly suggested by our panel of consultants as it ticks all the right boxes. A sleek and modern product that is new to people’s eyes. The videoCARD may seem to look like a regular book at first glance, but it has a built-in LCD screen on the inside. It can accommodate multiple video content that can be assigned to five different buttons. This component of the video mailer card allows Zebra to showcase an in-depth feature on each product that fits the recipient’s type of business.

The videoCARD meets the increasing demand of video content in the online world today. The difference? It does not need any internet or wifi connectivity. This makes it convenient for your potential clients to watch all your business presentations without browser restrictions or any form of registration. They can play it whenever they want and bring it wherever they go. And as for your content, they are all secured, safe, and protected.

Zebra made sure that all their customers feel valued and special. Big thanks to our team for creating a different videoCARD design for each of their individual clients. This is the perfect marketing technique to make a good and lasting impression on everyone. Moreover, we have more sound, video, paper and print upgrades available to further personalize your printed marketing materials. Because we understand how it feels to have a product that best represents your brand---innovative and groundbreaking.

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